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Renard Suc r/ Coache - A Rouen. - NO RESERVE PRICE - Open face - niello decoration - Men - 1850-1900

A truly exquisite pocket watch, crafted around the year 1850, captivates with its timeless elegance. The meticulously crafted case of this watch stands out with exceptional beauty. The high-quality engraving, still in impeccable condition, sets it apart. Notably, the inlaid


Suoneria Ripetizione Ore Quarti e mezzi Quarti . 1730. Raro - Anselmus Lener Augsburg. Argento . - Men - 1730 circa

Diam 48. Thickness 28 mm. Weight 98 grams. Period around 1730. Origin Germany. Ultra rare because it repeats not only the hours and quarters, but also the half quarters. Ring on bell. Synchronized ringtone. Original dial with age-related defects as shown in clear photos.


Jam. Roufseau - London - Silber Sackuhr Nr. 969 - feines Übergehäuse - Prunkwerk - Men - England um 1740

English watchmaking. Jam. Roufseau-London. Fine old English pocket spindle clock in a silver case with an undamaged outer case. Original case with smooth edge in beautiful condition - inside with solder joint and several hallmarks. Enamel dial with Roman numerals in a decorative


Geneve - Silber Lepine Taschenuhr - Doppelziffernblatt - Zeit - Chronograph - Men - Schweiz 1880

Swiss watchmaking. Solid pocket watch with time display and chronograph function. Watch in solid silver case. Hallmarked on the crown eyelet. Housing with a beautiful, clear look. Fine white enamel dial with Roman numerals. Outer line inlining with Arabic 5 numbers in front.


Breguet - Silber Lepine Spindeluhr - Quarter Repeater - Men - Frankreich um 1800

French clock making. Breguet. Annotation; The watch does not come from the watch factory founded in 1775 by Abraham-Louis Breguet, the most important watchmaker of his time. Fine original silver case in beautiful condition. Smooth back. Side ornament. Nice dial. with Arabic


George Prior - London - Prunk Silberspindeluhr - Silber Übergehäuse - Muschelübergehäuse mit Schmuckstein - Osmanien - Men - England um 1750

English watch manufacturer. George Prior. Edward Prior was born in 1800 as the son of the English watchmaker John Prior. He ran a watch factory in London together with his brother George. Both primarily manufactured verge pocket watches for the Turkish market. Very rare early


Mermillon a Geneve - Silber Spindeluhr - Vorderunruhe - Prunkmalerei - Men - Schweiz um 1770

Swiss watchmaker and watch dealer. Mermillon Fréres made clocks in Geneva between 1750 and 1780, possibly even a little later. You can often find different signatures on these watches. Mermillon à Genève, Le frères Mermillon à Genève and Mermillon Freres & Cie à Genève. The


PER BELLUM PACEM - Silber Kalenderspindeluhr - Zeit - Datum - Men - Schweiz um 1800

Swiss watchmaking. PER BELLUM PACEM - engraving a, back cover with knight's duel. Original silver case in beautiful condition. Fine unusual dial. Two auxiliary dials. Below is a time dial with Arabic numerals and minute markers running on the outside. Second minute track running


International Watch Co Schaffhausen - Große Silber Lepine Taschenuhr - Kaliber 65 - Qualität Extra - Men - Schweiz 1909

Swiss watchmaking. IWC - International Watch & Co. The movements labeled with Quality Extra were subjected to a chronometer test at the Neuchatel Observatory. Well-preserved, very large, solid IWC pocket watch for collectors. The case is made of silver (0.900). Back cover is


F. Andibert - Feine Silber Halbsavonette - Semi Chronometre - Emailleeinlage - Men - Schweiz um 1885

Swiss watchmaking. Beautiful solid half savonette for collectors. Semi chronometer. The double jacket case is made of silver - hallmarked several times, Front cover with glass middle section. Roman numerals and a very beautiful decorative wreath with the finest enamel inlay.


E.B - Geneve - Silbersavonette - Quarter Repeater - Nr. 1435 - Komplettguillochierung - Men - Schweiz 1890

Swiss watch manufacture. E.B in the square. Beautiful, very classic double coat silver pocket watch 0.800 hallmarked with quarter repeater (quarter repeater) Front spring cover - opening with crown pusher. Guilloché with a free, empty monogram coat of arms in an engraved


Vacheron Constantin - 181756 - Men - '900

Vaucheron Constantin pocket watch, 44 mm diameter, dating back to the 19th century. The watch in question has a white porcelain dial with Roman numerals and Arabic indexes. The hands, black in colour, have the particularity of a circular handle located at the end of the hand


C(harles) Clay - London - Massive Silber Sackspindeluhr - Quarter Repeater - Chateline - Men - London um 1740

English watchmaking. Charles Clay - London - Lit.Baillie p.60. 1730-1750. Unusual rare early Sack verge watch in silver case with quarter repeater and pierced case. - finest shape. With silver-plated chateline. Original silver outer case in very nice original condition. On the


Martin Späth in Regensburg - Silber Spindeluhr - Prunkwerk - Silberwerkschutz - Silberkloben mit Wild - Men - Deutschland um 1760

German watchmaker. Franz Jakob Späth (also “Spath”,[1] “Speth”) was born in Regensburg as the son of the organ builder Johann Jakob Späth (1672–1760). He probably received his training in his father's company. Fine German verge watch with magnificent movement. Silver case with


Abra(ham) Alb(ert) Busch - Hamburg - Massive Oignon-Sackuhr - Champlevezifenblatt - Datum - Silberübergehäuse - Uhr Nr. 312 - Men - Deutschland um 1700

Early Baroque clocks made by hand - the art of creating contemporary history. German watchmaking. Abra(ham) Alb(ert) Busch, Hamburg, No. 312 (Lit. Abeler II. p. 91) baptized in 1676, still active in 1720. Unusual, rare early pocket verge watch in a silver case with a date in a


Julius Assmann Glashütte Sa. - Silber Lepine - Beobachtungs-Taschenuhr - Uhr Nr. 22054 - Men - Deutschland um 1915

J. Assmann/Glashütte i.Sa. Fine silver Lepine pocket watch with high-quality movement from Glashütte. Very well preserved one-piece white enamel dial. Fine Roman numerals with continuous line minutes on the outside in black. Filigree handcrafted steel hands - blued. Small


Bernhard Hinrich Kuhlman - Detmold - Massive Silber Oignon Sackspindeluhr - Champleveziffenblatt - Prunkwerk - Silberkloben - Men - Deutschland um 1710

Baroque spindle clocks handmade - watchmaking art at the highest level. German watchmaking. Bernhard Hinrich Kuhlman (Lit. Abeler II. p. 327) Detmold, born in Osnabrück, appointed as German court clockmaker in 1717, Rare early verge watch in a silver case with a magnificent


W. Holliwell - Derby - Frühe Sack Silberspindeluhr - gemaltes Ziffernblatt - Prunkwerk - Men - England 1750

English watchmaking. W. Holliwell - watchmaker in Derby. Collector's watch with a smooth silver outer case. Inner casing silver. Hallmarked several times. Finely painted dial with Roman numerals and connected minute track on the outside. Finely crafted steel hands -


F(ré)res Esquivillon & Delhoudens - Dreifach Silberspindeluhr - zwei Übergehäuse - Silber Spindelbrücke - Men - Schweiz um 1770

Swiss watchmaking. Esquivillon & Delhoudens. Esquivillon & Delhoudens was active in Geneva and Paris between 1765 and 1830. The Geneva watchmaker Jacques Dechoudens (1728-1801) founded a workshop with the Esquivillon brothers that produced high-quality verge pocket watches. Very


Zilveren Repoussé snek-ketting spillegang zakhorloge met sleutelopwinding en emaille wijzerplaat - Men - 18e eeuw

A silver repoussé fusee chain verge escapement pocket watch with key winding and enamel dial. Signed Seamooure, London, numbered 12639. With 4 London hallmarks. With silver adjustment slide. Glass with bull's eye. The repoussé cupboard depicting Heracles bringing Alcestis back


Patek Philippe - Schwere Silber Savonette Taschenuhr - Anfertigung für den Händler Samuel Kralik Buda Pest - Men - Schweiz um 1877

Swiss watch manufacturer. Samuel Kralik was a Patek watch dealer in Budapest and was supplied by the watch manufacturer. (see Google) Pocket watch with gold-plated hinge and casing ring. Wonderful Savonete (double jacket) pocket watch in a rare silver case. Hallmarked Fine


Cartier - Tank - 2414, W1014154 - Unisex - 2000-2010

Cartier Tank Must de Cartier 925 Silver Medium Size Ref. 2414 W1014154 Classic. Brand: Cartier. Model: Tank. Type: unisex. Manufacture: ~ 2000. Functions: Date. Weight: 33.00g. Movement Type: Quartz. Caliber: 687. Case number: 08659xxx. Reference number: 2414, W1014154. Case


IMPROVED PATENT, relógio de bolso, movimento de fuso (semi-caldeirão), em prata - Men - 1850-1900

Silver pocket watch with spindle movement (big, thick and heavy)! Watch made in England, in the second half of the 19th century. There are those who call this type of watch a "semi-cauldron"! In full working order, recently serviced by a watchmaker. The porcelain dial is well


Cartier - Tank Trinity Gold Dial 925 Silver - 69667 - Unisex - 1990-1999

Cartier Tank Trinity Gold Dial 925 Silver 69667. It is a very popular and sought-after model with a dial and silver case made with three gold tones. It has a buckle with a non-original new leather strap and original top. Brand : Cartier. Model : Tank Trinity Gold Dial 925


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