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Radiohead - The Bends / Special Collectors Edition - CD Boxset - 2009/2009


As of 2011, Radiohead had sold more than 30 million albums worldwide.
Their accolades include six Grammy Awards and four Ivor Novello Awards, and they have five Mercury Prize nominations, the most of any act. Seven Radiohead singles have made the top 10 in the UK Singles Chart: "Creep" (1992), "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" (1996), "Paranoid Android" (1997), "Karma Police" (1997 ), No Surprises (1998), Pyramid Song (2001) and There There (2003). "Creep" and "Nude" (2008) reached the top 40 on the US Billboard Hot 100.
Rolling Stone named Radiohead one of the 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, and Rolling Stone readers voted her the second greatest artist of the 2000s.
Five Radiohead albums have been included in Rolling Stone's list of the 500 Greatest Albums of All Time. Radiohead were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019.

– The Bends
CD, Album,
Box-Set, Special Collectors Edition

CD1-01 Planet Telex
CD1-02 The Bends
CD1-03 High And Dry
CD1-04 Fake Plastic Trees
CD1-05 Bones
CD1-06 (Nice Dream)
CD1-07 Just
CD1-08 My Iron Lung
CD1-09 Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was
CD1-10 Black Star
CD1-11 Sulk
CD1-12 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

My Iron Lung
CD2-01 The Trickster
CD2-02 Punchdrunk Lovesick Singalong
CD2-03 Lozenge Of Love
CD2-04 Lewis (Mistreated)
CD2-05 Permanent Daylight
CD2-06 You Never Wash Up After Yourself

High And Dry/Planet Telex
CD2-07 Maquiladora
CD2-08 Killer Cars

Fake Plastic Trees
CD2-09 India Rubber
CD2-10 How Can You Be Sure?
CD2-11 Fake Plastic Trees (Acoustic)
CD2-12 Bullet Proof.. I Wish I Was (Acoustic)
CD2-13 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (Acoustic)

Street Spirit (Fade Out)
CD2-14 Talk Show Host
CD2-15 Bishop's Robes
CD2-16 Banana Co.
CD2-17 Molasses

BBC Radio One Session - 14/08/94
CD2-18 Just
CD2-19 Maquiladora
CD2-20 Street Spirit (Fade Out)
CD2-21 Bones

Promo Videos
DVD-01 High And Dry (UK Version)
DVD-02 High And Dry (US Version)
DVD-03 Fake Plastic Trees
DVD-04 Just
DVD-05 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

The Astoria, London - Live: 27/05/94
DVD-06 Bones
DVD-07 Black Star
DVD-08 The Bends
DVD-09 My Iron Lung
DVD-10 Maquiladora
DVD-11 Fake Plastic Trees
DVD-12 Just
DVD-13 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

2 Meter Session, Holland - 27/02/95
DVD-14 My Iron Lung
DVD-15 High And Dry
DVD-16 Fake Plastic Trees
DVD-17 Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Later... With Jools Holland - 27/05/95
DVD-18 The Bends
DVD-19 High And Dry

Top Of The Pops
DVD-20 High And Dry (08/03/95)
DVD-21 Fake Plastic Trees (01/06/95)
DVD-22 Street Spirit (Fade Out) (01/02/96)

CD 01:
Recorded at RAK, The Manor & Abbey Road. Mastered & digitally edited at Abbey Road. Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
℗ 1995 except track CD1-08 ℗ 1994 The copyright in this sound recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd. © 2009 EMI Records Ltd.

CD 02:
CD2-11 to CD2-13: Recorded at the Eve's Club, London.
CD2-18 to CD2-21: Recorded for BBC Radio 1´s Evening Session at BBC Maida Vale Studios. First transmitted 14th September 1994.
℗ 1997 EMI Records Ltd. except CD2-9 to CD2-17 ℗ 1998 EMI Records Ltd. and CD2-18 to CD2-21 ℗ 2009 BBC. Released by arrangement with BBC Music.

DVD-01 to DVD-5: All ℗ 1995 except 2 ℗ 1996 EMI Records Ltd.
DVD-06 to DVD-13: Digital remaster ℗ 2005 EMI Records Ltd.
DVD-14 to DVD-17: Recording date: February 27th, 1995. Recorded at Bullet Sound Studio, Netherlands. ℗ 2009 2 Meter Sessies BV/NPS/VARA under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd.
DVD-18, DVD-19: Recorded for BBC Television's Later... With Jools Holland. First transmitted 27th May 1995. ℗ 2009 BBC. © 1995 BBC. Released by arrangement with BBC Music.
DVD-20 to DVD-22: DVD-20 Recorded for BBC Television's Top Of The Pops, first transmitted 9th March 1995. © 1995 BBC. DVD-21 Recorded for BBC Television's Top Of The Pops, first transmitted 1st June 1995. © 1995 BBC. DVD-22 Recorded for BBC Television's Top Of The Pops, first transmitted 1st February 1996. © 1996 BBC. ℗ 2009 BBC. Released by arrangement with BBC Music.

All NM to Mint

Great and comprehensive work of this extraordinary Band

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Mehr als 3 Künstler/ Bands Nein
Künstler/Band (maximal 3) Radiohead
Mehrere Titel Nein
Albumtitel The Bends / Special Collectors Edition
Stückzahl 1
Medienquelle CD Boxset
Erscheinungsland EU
Erscheinungsjahr (ältestes) 2009
Erscheinungsjahr (jüngstes) 2009
Zustand Near Mint (NM)
Enthält Pictures, Box, Booklet/ Buch
Plattenfirma Parlophone
Plattenfirmen-Nummer RHEADCDX 2
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