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What do I need to know about shipping my objects internationally?

Smart shipping

If you’re using smart shipping, we’ll guide you through the customs process. Find out more about customs with smart shipping.

Manual shipping

If you’re using manual shipping: 

  1. Research the country specific restrictions and regulations of where you're going to ship the order to.
  2. Understand international shipping costs so you don’t pay more than you have to.
  3. Don’t forget to include a return address. This way you will avoid any issues in case the order is returned to you.
  4. Research restricted/prohibited goods: not every object can be shipped with every shipping company and all countries have their own individual rules and restrictions. Be sure to check your chosen shipping company’s list of prohibited objects before shipping your order.
  5. If you’re in doubt about the buyer’s address, message the buyer to confirm the correct address before you buy a shipping label.

Shipping insurance

For both smart and manual shipping, you can take the stress out of shipping by protecting your object with shipping insurance.

Shipping delays

International orders tend to take longer. If it’s 5 days after the estimated delivery date shown on the order page and the order hasn’t been delivered, we’ll send the buyer an email or notification. At this point, the buyer can open a claim if the order hasn’t been delivered yet.

We recommend you message the buyer throughout the shipping process so you can both stay updated on shipping and customs.

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