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Greece (Magna Graecia). Lot x 7

Greece (Magna Graecia) - Lot x 7

SICILY. Thermae Himerenses. Æ (2.76gm). Circa 405-350 BC.
Obv. Head of Herakles right, wearing lion's skin.
Rev. Head of Hera right, wearing stephane.
CNS I, 5 | SNG Cop. -.

Sicily, Kamarina Æ Onkia (1.13gm). Circa 420-405 BC.
Obv. Facing gorgoneion.
Rev. Owl standing to right, head facing, holding lizard in talon.
HGC 2, 552.

SICILY, Gela. Circa 339-310 BC. Æ Tetras (2.83gm).
Obv. Wreathed head of Demeter facing slightly right.
Rev. Wreathed head of Gelas left. Jenkins,
Gela, Group XII, 549.

SICILY. Leontinoi. Æ (1.23gm).After 210 BC
Obv. Wreathed head of river god left.
Rev. Two fish left.
CNS III, 17 | SNG ANS -.

SICILY. Himera? AR Obol. 4th century AD
LUCANIA. Thourioi AR Diobol.Circa 443-350 BC.
CALABRIA, Tarentum AR Diobol.Circa 380-325 BC.

Culture/region Greece (Magna Graecia)
Denomination Lot x 7
Condition Ungraded