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These are the most searched for names and brands on Catawiki

Written by Tom | 31 May 2023

Catawiki’s catalogue of special objects knows no bounds but some pieces are more sought after than others. We’ve combed the auctions and delved deep into the numbers to uncover the most wanted names, brands and objects on Catawiki.* 

Rolex rules


The Swiss watch brand might have been established in 1905 but it’s still going strong even in the 21st century. In fact, Rolex isn’t just the most searched for watch brand on Catawiki – it’s the most searched for brand across all categories. And for good reason – these luxury timepieces are a hallmark of craftsmanship and remain one of the major influences in watchmaking today. Expert in Watches Joaquín Fdez. Cebrian isn’t surprised Rolex is so popular in searches. 

"Rolex is the best brand in the world. Everyone wants to wear a Rolex,” he explains. “It's a synonym for success, power, image.... collectors know the quality, the reliability and strength of the pieces. Purchasing a Rolex is a real investment.”  There’s so much to know about a Rolex: namely how to invest in one, what are some interesting models over the years and perhaps most importantly, how to spot a fake. People say perfect doesn’t exist, but when it comes to watches, Rolex comes pretty close.

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LEGO dreams

The Danish company and its building blocks have a legacy of innovation and pioneering creations in the toys world, which might be why LEGO is the most searched for toy brand on Catawiki. 

Expert in Toys Gerben van Ijken says LEGO’s appeal is its ability to adapt with the times. “LEGO is a high-quality toy brand with a long history”, he says. “And LEGO innovates a lot; adding dozens of newly designed sets multiple times per year to their line-up, staying current and sought after by collectors and casual enthusiasts.” We’ve got a soft spot for LEGO as do most of our community – including this seller who is Germany’s premier LEGO retailer and these creators who turn those colourful bricks into art. Other sought-after items include, Barbie dolls, Star Wars and even Harry Potter.

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The power of Banksy


The world’s resident sleuthing artist is everywhere and still the name on everyone’s tongue. In fact, Banksy took the title for most searched for street artist and artist on Catawiki, beating out other iconic names like Picasso and Keith Haring. 

Expert in Modern Art Anthony Chrisp isn’t surprised. “Banksy's artwork often carries strong political, social, and cultural messages,” he explains. “His pieces address various issues such as consumerism, capitalism, war, poverty and injustice. The combination of thought-provoking messages and visually striking imagery resonates with people, leading them to search for more of his work.” Rumours as to who Banksy is still circulate far and wide, but for now his irreverent art is as close as we’re going to get. 

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Louis Vuitton dominates

Fashion house and Parisian staple Louis Vuitton hasn’t just been dominating runways and retailers as Louis Vuitton was the most searched for fashion label on Catawiki. 

The chocolate and gold palette remain a draw for sartorialists the world over – their travel bags in particular are a hit – alongside Chanel and Hermes. 

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Porsche performance

The racetrack and the road is a game of speed and while there are numerous contenders, on Catawiki, one manufacturer out drove. Porsche beat Ferrari and BMW as the most searched car brand on site. Much of this was driven by classic car lovers and automobilia fans – and the fact that the Porsche 911 remains one of the most popular sports cars around, as Expert in Arjan Rietveld explains.

“The 911 is what made Porsche great and renowned,” says Arjan. “But the best thing they did with the 911 over 60 years is slowly making it better and better. Evolution instead of revolution. The concept stayed the same for the 911 making it probably the most perfect sports car ever made.”

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Eames has the edge

What makes good design? Well, history has told us that what makes great design can vary, but Eames has done something right as the most-searched for design brand on Catawiki. It’s little surprise to Anna Denise Floor, Senior Category Manager Interiors. "Eames is the most sought-after brand on our platform because it is the perfect fusion of timeless elegance and innovative design,” she explains. “With their iconic pieces, impeccable craftsmanship, and unrivalled blend of style and functionality, Eames chairs have become the ultimate symbol of sophistication and a coveted statement piece for design enthusiasts worldwide."

Eames holds esteemed company alongside Kartell, Flos and Fornasetti to name a few, and represents much of what makes 20th century design so irresistible

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Macallan rises

Whisky is a major part of the collector’s universe, with vintage whisky returning and new generations like Japanese and Taiwanese on the rise

But for Catawiki users, Macallan was the most-searched for whisky – while Baccarat rose in the ranks as the crystal of choice for sipping it. Not bad for a whisky brand that’s been going for 199 years. 

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Tintin talk

Belgium has a well-documented history of comic prowess so it should come as little surprise that one of the nation’s greatest fictional protagonists – Tintin – and his eponymous comic series came out as the most-searched for comic book on Catawiki. 

The French weren’t too far behind though, with Moebius (the pseudonym for artist Jean Giraud) and Asterix & Obelix other popular searches.

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Cartier shines


Gemstones, jewels and accessories are some of the most sought after finds on Catawiki. And while there are numerous jewellery brands that feature prominently, Cartier ranks as one of bidders’ favourites. The Parisian jeweller came out on top in searches, evidenced by the fact so many people are buying Cartier online.

Expert in Jewellery Amélie Lambert says Cartier’s appeal is in the legacy the brand has. “Cartier is the most famous jewellery brand worldwide and offers jewellery with timeless designs such as the Love bracelet,  the Trinity ring and the Panthere design,” she says. “These are jewellery pieces that will be worn through generations and can also be seen as good investments; just some of the reasons why this is the most sought-after jewellery brand on Catawiki.”

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Pokémon evolves

Even after all these years, collectors are still trying to catch them all as Pokémon cards ranked as the most-searched for trading cards on site. Expert in Toys Daniel Becker says it’s all about the nostalgia here. “Pokémon is the biggest franchise in the world with beloved characters that are part of many fans' lives for 25 years,” he says. “It’s no wonder people are searching for them still.”

The beauty of these cards isn’t just in the fact that many are valuable and increasing in value all the time, but that they’re playful pops of colour, capable of summoning a childhood hopefully not long gone.

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*Our data team analysed the top searches since January 2022 up until April 2023 to define the most wanted names on site. Curious about what we've got in auction? Start exploring or register as a seller.

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