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Jérôme de Bara - Le Blason des Armoiries - 1581

Le Blason des armoiries, also is monstrée la manière de laquelle les anciens et modernes ont used en icelles... reveu... par l'auteur avec augmentation de plusieurs armoiries, tant anciennes que modernes. Publisher: pour Barthélemy Vincent (Lyon), 1581, 256 pages and many coat of


La Poix de Fréminville (Edme de) - La Pratique universelle pour la renovation des terriers et des droits seigneuriaux. - 1752

La Poix de Fréminville (Edme de). Universal practice for the renovation of burrows and seigniorial rights. Paris, Despilly and Gissey, 1752-1757. 5 volumes in-4, marbled sheepskin, decorated spine, red morocco title and number labels, red edges. Second expanded edition of this


Justus Perthes - Sammlung von 4 Genealogischen Almanachen 1872-1887 - 1872

Collection of 4 genealogical almanacs / genealogy family ancestors. "Gotha Genealogical Paperback. together with the diplomatic-statistical yearbook" 109th year. Published in 1872. By Justus Perthes. Format 13 x 9 cm. Pages XIV, 888. Frontispiece steel engraving portrait of


Marigny - Histoire des Arabes sous le gouvernement des Califes. ‎Généalogie de Mahomet ( Islam) - 1750

First edition of this classic work on the history of Arabia. “highly esteemed” writes Hage Chahine 3021. Chadenat n°1818. Complete copy in 4 volumes in period bindings in full marbled & glazed calfskin, very well preserved and decorative. Containing an interesting historical


Voltaire, Dorat, Piron, Imbert - Almanach des muses - 1773

First edition of the Almanac des muses for the year 1773, illustrated with a beautiful frontispiece title and 3 pages of engraved music. Prestigious provenance from the library of Prince Talleyrand-Périgord with the ex-libris of the Library of the Château de Valençay. The latter


Jacques de Hemricourt - Miroir des nobles de Hasbaye - 1673

Mirror of the nobles of Hasbaye by Jacques de Hemricourt. Where he deals with the genealogies of the ancient nobility of Liège and the surrounding area from the year 1102 until the year 1398. Put old into new language by Sr de Salbray. First edition of 1673. Rear binding (19°),


Jean Le Laboureur / Nicolas Grillié - Histoire du Mareschal de Guébriant - Histoire Genealogique de la Maison de Guébriant - Oraison - 1657

HISTORY OF MARESCHAL DE GUEBRIANT. Containing the account of what happened in Germany in the Wars of the Crowns of France & Sweden, & the Allied States against the House of Austria. With the Genealogical History of the House of the same Mareschal, & of several others of the


A. Le Sage [Comte de Las Cases] - Atlas Historique, Généalogique, Chronologique et Géographique - 1827

Historical, Genealogical, Chronological and Geographic Atlas of A. Le Sage (Count of Las Cases) with Increases by J. Marchal, from Brussels and numerous improvements by a Society of Scholars and Gens de Lettres - Brussels, P. J. de Mat, Printer-Bookseller Editor 1827 - Brown


Girault de Saint-Fargeau / Rauch; Pernot - ‎Guide pittoresque du voyageur en France. Statistique complètes des 86 départements - 1834

Very beautiful copy, perfectly established in romantic bindings of this work esteemed for the very beautiful illustration, which includes, in the first printing, a frontispiece title + 841 plates inset (collated: 164+171+135+160+154+57) finely engraved after the drawings of


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Croizat - Géographie universelle dite de Crozat - 1823

Universal geography known as Crozat; New edition. At Amable Costes, 1823. Decorated with 16 complete cards – complete cards. Full leather with long decorated back and black title label, marbled boards, large pebbled edges. 176 x 103, 478 p. Exposed interior with marginal foxing.


Imprimerie imperial - Bulletin des Lois de l'Empire Français. Tome Septième, N°351 à 407 - 1856

Bulletin of the laws of the French Empire XIth series, comprising 1143 printed pages.


Antoine Arnauld, Pierre Nicole - La logique ou l'art de penser contenant, outre les règles communes, plusieurs observations nouvelles - 1730

18th century book in good complete condition. The books are made up of 4 parts where there are dozens of chapters in each part. 1st part: containing reflections on ideas, or on the first action of the mind, which is called: conceiving. 2nd part: logic, containing the reflections


Collectif - Histoire Vécue de la Résistance - 1970

Collection of 35 books on the history of the resistance by different authors: Pierre Nord, Rémy, Jacques Soustelle, Vercors, Guillain de Bénouville, Jacques Bergier, Georges Loustaunau-Lacau, Gordon Young, Laure Moulin, François Musard, Paul Dreyfus, Edmond Michelet, E.H.


Stichting de Roos - Lot met 4 bibliofiele uitgaven en 3 catalogi - 1960/1981

Four bibliophile publications from the De Roos Foundation and three catalogues. 1. Clemens Brentano. Die more Wehmüller und ungarischen Nationalgeschichter. Binding design and 17 lithographs by Kurt Löb. The lithographs were printed on the hand press by Piet Clement. Stichting de


Voltaire - Premiere Lettre a Monsieur La Voltaire - 1773

Beautiful collection of letters to Voltaire from 1773 in the original language (French), excellent condition. Voltaire's name is linked to the cultural movement of the Enlightenment, a current of thought of the 18th century, of which he was one of the animators and main


André-Louis Simon - Bibliotheca Bacchica. Bibliographie raisonnée des ouvrages imprimés avant 1600 et illustrant la soif - 1972

Reprint of the original edition of this reference bibliography by Simon of incunable and 16th century books on viticulture, oenology, table manners, drunkenness, regulations and the wine trade and many others wine topics. The work contains over 700 entries described in detail.


V. Huen e.a. - 3 Anciennes publications sur la Grande Guerre - 1917/1918

Set of 3 brochures: 1) Papier-Fetzen: Deutsche Bekanntmachungen in Belgien und Frankreich - 1917 - Soft publisher's cover - 37 x 27 cm - 38 p. This leaflet contains German orders from the First World War. These are reproductions of posters which were displayed in Belgium and


Arminius Vambéry - Voyages d'un faux derviche dans l'Asie centrale - 1867

Travels of a false dervish in Central Asia. From Tehran to Khiva, Bokhara and Samarkand through the great Turkoman desert. Translated from English by E. D. Forgues - Paris, bookstore of L. Hachette et Cie, 1867 - XXVII pp, 263 pages, (1) ff map - Red half-chagrin of the period -


Piganiol de la Force - Description historique de la ville de Paris et de ses environs - 1765

Rare - Piganiol de la Force - historical description of the city of Paris and its surroundings - Volumes 1-3-4-6-8-9-10 - published by Desprez in Paris in 1765. Volumes bound in contemporary full calfskin, spine with five bands with title label in burgundy and volume number in


Guy Breton - Histoires d’amour de l’histoire de France - 1970

Love stories from French history in 12 volumes by Guy Breton


Signed; Charles Andler - La Jeunesse de Nietzsche [dedicated to Henri Bergson]. - 1921

Charles Philippe Théodore Andler (1866-1933), French philosopher and Germanologist. Nietzsche, sa Vie et sa Pensée / Tome II - La Jeunesse de Nietzsche. Paris, Éditions Bossard, 1921. One of the 6 volumes dedicated to the great German philosopher. In-8 (23 cm x 14.5 cm). 232


Comte Edouard de Warren - L'Inde Anglaise, avant et après l'insurrection - 1857

Count Edouard de Warren - English India, before and after the insurrection of 1857 - Third edition, revised and considerably enlarged - Paris, bookstore of L. Hachette et Cie, 1857 - III pp, 511 pp, (2) ff, 340 pp - Half-chagrin of the time - in-8 - 12 x 18 cm. Condition: Caps,


James Cook - Second Voyage Atlas Volume. Antarctica, Easter Island, Tahiti - 1778

1st Edition - Quarto - Atlas Volume - James Cook's Second Voyage. 23 x 27cm (Quarto) Very good condition interiorly. The Volume contains 66 of 66 plates (complete). All engravings by Robert Benard after the Original images by Webber. In good condition overall. Some light marks


Pierre Sonnerat - Voyage aux Indes orientales et à la Chine (Travel to the East Indies and China) - 1782

FIRST OCTAVO EDITION in three (3) volumes of this "celebrated classic of natural history exploration and discoveries in the Far East" (Hill). The author, SONNERAT Pierre (1748-1814) travelled to India, China, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Philippines, Indonesia, New Guinea, Malaysia,

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