Bruce Clarke (1959) - Plus vite

Bruce Clarke (1959) - Plus vite
Lithografie - Handgesigneerd - Oplage van 120-5 artiestproeven - 2018

A visual artist and photographer, Bruce Clarke was born in 1959 in London to South African parents. He has been living in France since the 1990s.

He was introduced to the Art & Language movement, led by Michael Baldwin, David Bainbridge, Terry Atkinson, Harold Hurrell at the University of Leeds. His work deals with contemporary history, writing and the transmission of this history to stimulate a reflection on the contemporary world and its representations. Resolutely rooted in a current of critical figuration, his plastic research integrates codes to better turn them against the devices of power and injustice.

After the Rwandan genocide, he made photographic reports and proposed the creation of the Garden of Memory, an artistic memorial in the form of a monumental installation. The project has been carried out since 2000 with the help of the families or relatives of the victims. It is supported by civil society, Rwandan institutions and UNESCO. He also worked on a project for the 20th commemoration of the genocide in 2014, The Standing Men. This project was also carried out in Geneva, Lausanne, Paris, Ouidah, Montreal and is now standing in Brussels.

Artist-in-residence invited by the Conseil Général de Guadeloupe, he created the exhibition Fragments of tomorrow’s History on the link between slavery, colonialism and globalization. Fest'Africa collaborator in Lille for the Rwanda project: Writing, filming, painting for the sake of memory, he works with the Afrika Cultural Centre in Johannesburg and runs art workshops in South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Benin, Tanzania, Zambia and France.

As a photographer, he publishes reports on South Africa, the reconstruction of Rwanda, the return of Liberian refugees and Palestine.

His works are exhibited in Europe, Africa and the United States.

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Bruce Clarke (1959)
Titel van kunstwerk
Plus vite
Oplage van 120-5 artiestproeven
In uitstekende staat
Totale afmetingen
56×70×0,1 cm
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