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  • Is Catawiki free?

    Creating a Catawiki account is completely free. Accounts are used in order to buy or sell items at auction. Buyers and sellers only pay commission fees on lot proceeds.

  • What makes buying through Catawiki safe and secure?

    Your payment will run through a very secure method of payment. We will ask the buyer to pay for the lot within three days after the auction on a secure account. We then inform the seller that the buyer has transferred the payment and ask him to ship the lot. The seller will receive payment shortly after shipping. If you have not received the lot within 10 days after paying the purchase price, we ask you to inform us so that your payment to the seller can be withheld.

  • Why hasn't my bid been accepted?

    Your bid will not be accepted if it is invalid. 'Invalid bid' messages can occur when the amount entered is not high enough, when the amount entered includes a symbol other than a digit (such as a letter, comma or hyphen), or when the auction has already closed.

  • I'd like to place a bid on an item with a reserve price (RP). What does this mean?

    Some lots have been fixed with a ‘reserve price’. This is a hidden minimum price which a seller has set in consultation with the expert. This reserve is the minimum price at which a seller would still be willing to let their lot go. Reserve prices may only be set for items with high expected revenues. If a reserve price has not been met once the auction ends, that particular lot will not be auctioned off.

  • I've won a lot. How do I transfer payment?

    After the auction has closed, buyers will receive an email containing a link to the payment page. You can pay by credit card or bank transfer. If you have a Dutch bank account, it's possible to select alternative methods of payment, such as iDeal. If you have a Belgian bank account, you can pay online also using Bancontact or MrCash. If you have a German bank account, you can pay also with DirecteBanking.

  • I have a valuable individual piece. Is my item suitable for auction?

    Our experts are always on the look-out for interesting items for their auctions. You can offer valuable individual items for the expert to consider by creating a lot for the desired auction. The expert may then advise you on which (themed) auction would best suit your lot. If you would like an estimate of the revenue before offering up your lot, you can ask the expert through the 'Message to the expert' text box.

  • Can a minimum selling price (reserve price) be applied to a lot?

    A reserve price can be set for items that have a minimum expected revenue of €200. The reserve price is a hidden minimum price that a seller is willing to let their lot be sold for. If the reserve price has not been met once the auction ends, the lot will not be sold. Sellers then have the option to re-offer the lot in a new auction after having revised its reserve price.

  • I've submitted a lot for auction. When will it be reviewed?

    Our experts assess all lots submitted as soon as possible. Our goal is to review your lots within a week. However, for themed auctions or highly popular auctions, this assessment may take a little longer. The moment your lot is accepted, you will receive an automated message.

  • When will I be paid for my lot?

    Once the buyer has paid the invoiced amount, you must send the lot within 3 working days or make it ready for pickup. Once you have shipped the lot or once it has been picked up, you can change the status of your lot to 'shipped' or 'picked up'. Your payment will then be sent 14 days later, on the first following Wednesday, provided that no claim has been opened related to the purchase. The expected payment date can also be found in the payment confirmation we sent you by email.

    If a claim has been opened, your payment may be withheld until the problem has been solved and we will try to mediate between you and the buyer. This makes buying and selling on Catawiki more secure.

  • When should I ship my lot?

    As soon as the winning bidder has paid for the lot, you will be notified by email. You will then be required to ship the lot within 3 working days.

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