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  • What makes buying through Catawiki safe and secure?

    Your payment will run through a very secure method of payment. We will ask the buyer to pay for the lot within three days after the auction on a secure account. We then inform the seller that the buyer has transferred the payment and ask him to ship the lot. The seller will receive payment shortly after shipping. If you have not received the lot within 10 days after paying the purchase price, we ask you to inform us so that your payment to the seller can be withheld.

  • Why hasn't my bid been accepted?

    Your bid will not be accepted if it is invalid. 'Invalid bid' messages can occur when the amount entered is not high enough, when the amount entered includes a symbol other than a digit (such as a letter, comma or hyphen), or when the auction has already closed.

  • I'd like to place a bid on a lot with a reserve price. What does this mean?

    Some lots have been fixed with a ‘reserve price’. This is a hidden minimum price which a seller is willing to let their lot go for, set in consultation with the expert. Reserve prices may only be set for lots with an expected revenue of at least €200. If a reserve price has not been met once the auction ends, that particular lot will not be auctioned off.

  • I have won a lot. How do I pay?

    After the auction ends, buyers will receive an email containing a link to the payment page. It's possible to pay by credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), bank transfer or by using one of the following online payment methods: iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay, SOFORT, EPS, Multibanco, Przelewy24. Please be aware that payments using American Express are only possible for amounts over €1,000/$1,100/£900.

    Only buyers who bid in euros will see the manual bank transfer option. It is really important that they use a European SEPA Credit Transfer for the payment. Stripe, our online payment processor, cannot process SWIFT transfers (also known as wire transfers) and these payments will bounce back to the bank account of the buyer. If a buyer claims that the SWIFT transfer did not bounce back, we need a letter from the bank that states this. Only then can Stripe check what happened to the payment.

    What are the differences between SEPA (Single Europe Payments Area) and SWIFT (Society for Worldwide InterBank Financial Telecommunications)?:
    - SWIFT enables money transfers internationally, while SEPA payments can only be made within the SEPA area.
    - SWIFT transfers can be executed in various currencies and the SEPA initiative encompasses transfers in euro alone.

  • I have a valuable individual piece. Is it suitable for auction?

    Our experts are always looking for interesting items to include in our auctions. You can offer your valuable piece for your desired auction, or, after you submit it, an expert will advise you on which auction would best suit your lot. Our experts are also here to provide feedback so your lot is presented in the best way possible.

    If you are unsure whether your piece is suitable for auction or would like a free valuation of your item, you can proceed with submitting your lot and send any questions you may have to the expert through the 'Message for the expert' text box in the final stage of the submitting process. Our expert will then get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Can a minimum selling price (reserve price) be applied to a lot?

    A reserve price can be set for items that have a minimum expected revenue of €200. The reserve price is a hidden minimum price that a seller is willing to let their lot be sold for. If the reserve price has not been met once the auction ends, the lot will not be sold. Sellers then have the option to resubmit the lot in a new auction after having revised its reserve price.

  • I've submitted a lot for auction. When will it be reviewed?

    Our experts assess all lots submitted as soon as possible. Our goal is to review your lots within a week. However, for themed auctions or highly popular auctions, this assessment may take a little longer. As soon as your lot is accepted, you'll receive a message to let you know.

  • When will I receive payment for my sold lot?

    When the buyer's payment has been received, you will be notified that you have 3 working days to send the order or make it ready for pickup. Your payments are scheduled based on whether or not the order has been shipped or picked up by the buyer, and on the payment frequency that has been selected in your 'Settings' under 'Payment'.
    Sellers have the option to select one of the following payment frequencies:

    - Every day
    - Once a week (On Wednesdays)
    - Every two weeks (The first and third Wednesday of the month)
    - Once a month (The first Wednesday of the month)

    If the order has been shipped: After you've shipped the order, you are required to change the order status to 'Shipped'. When the tracking number provided reflects that the order has been delivered, the buyer will receive a notification asking them to inspect the order and report any issues within 3 days. On the 4th day after delivery, your payment will be scheduled according to the selected payment frequency.

    *Please note that in the event that the tracking number provided is not correct or does not properly reflect the delivery of the order, the pending payment will default to the selected payment frequency after 14 days from the order being marked as shipped.

    If the order has been picked up: If the order has been picked up by the buyer, you are required to change the order status to 'Picked up'. There is then a 14 day period which begins from the day you, the seller, update the status before you can receive your payment. In addition to this 14 day period, the exact payment date will depend on the payment frequency selected in your 'Payment' settings.

    You may review or change your payment frequencies whilst logged into your account by clicking the following link:

    Your expected payment date can also be found in the payment confirmation we, Catawiki, will send to you by email. Please note that payments are only processed on working days and do not happen during the weekend.

    If a claim has been opened, your payment may be withheld until the issue has been solved. We are here to help mediate if necessary.

  • When should I ship my lot?

    As soon as the winning bidder has paid for the lot, you will be notified by email. You will then be required to ship the lot within 3 working days.

  • When will my purchase be shipped?

    As soon as you transfer the payment for your lot, the seller will be notified. The seller is then obliged to send the lot within 3 working days.

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