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Here’s how it works

  • Place your bid

    If you are the highest bidder, the lot will turn green. We'll let you know if you're outbid, and the lot will turn red. Any bid you place is binding. If you have the winning bid once the auction ends, you'll receive a payment confirmation email.

  • Payment

    Payments through Catawiki are safe and secure. Bids placed exclude the 9% auction fee and shipping costs. There are no additional costs for the buyer. You can choose from several payment methods.

  • Delivery and shipping

    Sellers are obliged to send their lots within 3 working days following confirmation of payment to Catawiki. Shipping costs are indicated in lot descriptions. In some cases, sellers may not charge for shipping. This is also indicated in lot descriptions.

The advantages of using Catawiki’s auctions

  • Special

    Place your bids on any of thousands of specially selected objects every week

  • Auctioneers
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    Our specialized auctioneers will be standing by during the auctions

  • Seller

    Read other buyers' reviews of this seller

  • Secure

    First, you transfer payment to Catawiki. The seller then sends you your purchase within 3 working days. Shortly after, the seller is paid out by us.

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