Large gold plated antique style telephone

Large gold plated antique style telephone
DFG model Lyon

Yes, it is made with real gold! The cradle, handset, and finger wheel on the dial are gold plated.

This very decorative antique telephone replica is a real eye catcher and not easily found in this great condition. It is made with old style materials, like wood, brass and of course a beatiful braided handset cord. It is an excellent mixure of that old time nostalgic design from the days when quality mattered and modern technology.

Please mind this telephone dials pulse and not DTMF. So check your telephone line for compatability.

This phone is undamaged and in original condition with only very little wear and tear. Please mind the gold plating is very thin and in some place the metal underneath is showing. See pictures.

No damage and fully working. I have personally given it a technical check up (I am a telephone collector and restorer).
DFG model Lyon, aka DFeAp 330.

At the end of the modern line cord (+/- 5 mtr) is an RJ 11 connector so it can be used in every country.

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