Keisuke Serizawa - Calendar - 1969

Keisuke Serizawa - Calendar - 1969
Zeer fraaie kalender voor de Japanse tak van Mercedes-Benz

Keisuke Serizawa (1895-1984) maakte o.a. deze kalender op handgeschept Japans papier ten bate van Western Automobile Co Ltd., Tokyo, Japan. Waarschijnlijk als relatiegeschenk voor klanten van het bedrijf. Alle 12 maandvellen zijn op unieke wijze met de hand vervaardigd (volgens de Katazome techniek) en bijzonder kleurrijk. Prima staat in originele map!

Afm. ca. 38 x 29 cm.

¶ Serizawa was a highly respected Japanese textile designer. In 1916 he graduated from the design division of the Tokyo Technical College. Inspired by the bingata (multicolored, stencil-dyed) textiles of Okinawa, he began to research them and traditional textiles of other regions. His individualistic style of katazome (stencil dyeing) was the result of his involvement in the entire process, from design, stencil cutting and application to dyeing. He contributed works to the mingei(‘folk art’)-movement and - between a lot of other works - produced katazome calendar folios starting with calendar year 1946. These calendarsets (one page for each month) are stenciled individually by hand on handmade untrimmed Japanese mulberry paper. The page size is generally 28.6 x 37.2 cm. They usually are contained in a thick cardboard (also mulberry paper) folding case. On the front of the folding case is pasted on an illustrated stenciled label with the year of the calendar. In addition to illustrations, they contain the year and the word "Calendar". All Serizawa calendars are unique! In this case there is also a label on the front saying 'Western Automobile Co.LTD. Tokyo Japan' which also is printed on every leaf at the bottom. Obviously a 'custom-made' gift for Mercedes-Benz (of Japan) because a small leaflet says "Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dr.rer.pol.h.c. Hermann J.Abs", an (infamous) German banker who had this chair at Mercedes from 1967-1976. In 1956, Serizawa was designated a "Living National Treasure" by the Emperor of Japan and he had exhibitions all over the world including Paris and New York. After Serizawa's death, the Tohoku Fukushi University in Sendai, Tohoku District, constructed a museum comprised solely of Keisuke Serizawa's art. Also in 1981, the Municipal Serizawa Keisuke Art Museum was opened in the city of Shizuoka.

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